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Hello! I'm Hope (she/her), an embroidery artist, teacher, and writer, originally from the Gulf Coast of Alabama and currently living in East Tennessee. 

Years ago, I earned a master's degree in applied psychology and found myself working toward earning a PhD in clinical psychology. I dropped out of that program at year five, landing myself in a rather precarious emotional place. 

I began embroidery with just a few inexpensive and simple supplies, picking up projects in between barista shifts and sharing my progress with friends and family. Finishing something - even just a small embroidery project here and there - felt incredible!

I teach others how to do embroidery through video and blog tutorials; a monthly subscription box for hand embroidery; and, now, through a beginner-friendly book! I hope that my teaching can help you to get new things "stuck" in your head: that you don't have to be perfect; that you can abandon projects that aren't working out for you; and that you can learn to have more patience with yourself. 

Thanks so much for being here, and happy stitching!

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