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Hello! I'm Hope, and this whole thing was a bit of an accident.

I fell into hand embroidery after leaving my PhD program at year five - I was working a minimum wage job, had no clue what my next step would be, and was barely making ends meet.


I was attracted to embroidery as a hobby because the supplies were affordable even for me; I could pick up projects whenever I had a moment to myself; and could finish small projects relatively quickly. Do you know how good it feels to finish your first project, at a time in your life when you feel like you can't finish anything? For me, it felt GREAT. So, I kept going.

Eventually, I started to help other people learn how to stitch. I started with short video tutorials and mini kits, taught a few workshops at local businesses and Bonnaroo, and even launched a hand embroidery subscription box, the Hopebroidery Box.

Day-to-day, my goal is to be a good teacher who can help you learn a craft that brings me joy. Long term, my goal is to leave something behind that people can remember me for - not just who I was, but what I made.

Ultimately, my hope is that through my work, you can get new things “stuck” in your head: that you don’t have to be perfect; that you can abandon projects that aren’t working for you; and that you can learn to have more patience with yourself. 

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