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Detached chain stitch flowers

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Detached chain stitch flowers are super easy, beginner-friendly way to stitch flowers! If you can do the detached chain stitch and the French knot, you can easily stitch these up in all sorts of fun colors.

A photo of blue flowers stitched onto white fabric, surrounded by embroidery supplies.
A finished of detached chain stitch flowers makes for a fun, relaxing afternoon project!

I've provided you with written and photo step-by-step instructions for stitching a detached chain stitch flower below. There's also a video tutorial, should that be easier for you to follow. If you'd like to stitch along with the specific pattern and colors I'm using in this post, you can find that in my shop!

Step 1: Transfer your flower design onto your fabric.

I used the window method and a heat-erasable transfer pen to transfer my design onto white cotton fabric. You can use whatever transfer method and fabric that works best for you! If you're drawing your own flowers by hand, you can have as many petals as you like; these are just made up flowers that sort of look like daisies. Get creative!

If you're following the pattern from my shop, you'll also want to go ahead and stitch your stems before getting started with your flowers.

Step 2: Bring your needle up through the middle of your flower shape.

As best you can, you'll be coming up through this same hole for each of your petals.

Step 3: Bring your needle back down through that same hole, leaving a loop.

If you pulled your needle at this point, your floss would go straight through the hoop - so if you accidentally pull all the way through at this point, don't worry! It'll be easy for you to start back at Step 2.

Step 4: Bring your needle up through the tip of your petal shape, through the middle of your loop, and pull.

Step 5: Secure your first detached chain stitch by bringing your needle back down through your fabric, just above your loop.

This is a time to remind you that I have a post showing just how easy it is to modify your detached chain stitches!

Step 6: Continue creating detached chain stitched petals, all the way around your flower shape.

Try your best to come up through that initial hole in the middle of your flower shape for each petal.

Here's what my first flower looks like once all of my detached chain stitch petals have been stitched.

I went ahead and stitched six of the seven flower shapes before moving onto our next step (I left the last flower for the video demonstration).

Step 7: Finish your flower by placing a French knot in the middle of your flower shape.

I like adding French knots to the middle of my flowers because it allows me to add an additional color, and also allows me to hide any mistakes I may have made in the middle of my flowers.

Here's what my flowers look like with their French knots added.

Video tutorial for detached chain stitch embroidered flowers

Videos can sometime be easier to understand when learning something new, especially embroidery! Here's a short, step by step video of me stitching that last flower shape.

And here's what my project looks like once I'm finished stitching!

Finishing your project

If you're following along with the pattern in my shop, you'll want to frame your finished piece in a 3" hoop (sometimes it's easier to stitch in a larger hoop, and frame it in a smaller hoop later). I used cardboard to back my hoop.

And it's done!

If you are totally new to embroidery, I can't recommend a simple project like this enough! You'll be able to play around with colors, get your hands used to doing "loopy" stitches like the detached chain stitch, and have a great excuse to practice your French knots.

I hope this was helpful! If you stitch something with this tutorial, I'd love to see what you make! You can tag me on your social public accounts (@hopebroidery), or email me directly!

If you're interested in learning embroidery with a kit, make sure to check out what I have available in the shop - many of my kits do not get re-stocked once their initial run sells out, so have a look before they're gone!


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