What to do with leftover bits of embroidery floss (don't throw them away!)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

What do you do with the bits of floss you have left over from a project?

Most of mine end up in clear containers all throughout my house - that’s it, that’s what I do. I think it’s cute as-is, and it gives me an excuse to look for neat containers to stuff with more floss in the future.

If that's not your thing and you're thinking of throwing them out - please don't! Do a little Google of "textile waste" to see why that might be a bad idea. Instead, let's start brainstorming fun ways to deal with all that potential waste!

  • Find a clear container with a nice shape and start filling it with your floss - overtime, it will start to look almost like a purposeful piece of art in and of itself!

  • Make yourself a simple pin cushion and use the ORTs for stuffing.

  • If you're a spinner, try incorporating those bits into your next project - who wouldn't want a skein of colorful yarn?

  • Have you gone through your "resin phase" yet? If so, bits of floss would make a beautiful addition to a set of coasters, necklace, or other resin projects!

  • Stuff clear ornaments with bits of floss as a keepsake of the projects you made throughout the year.

  • Throw your floss bits into a shadowbox frame and watch as it fills up with the remnants of hours and hours of work.

  • Save them! If you're like me, sometimes you've got strands of leftover floss that are actually perfectly long for tiny stitches. You never know when you'll need two inches of that one particular color you thought you were done with

I would love to hear what you do with your floss bits! Let me know in the comments of this post, I'm always looking for new ideas to add to this list!

I'll leave you with one final warning, something I learned a few years ago from a @stitchingsabbatical PSA: don’t leave this stuff out for the birds! They can turn into a moldy, tangly mess. Let’s keep those neighborhood birds safe.