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Letters and statements I've cosigned in solidarity with Palestine

This is a rolling list of letters I've cosigned in solidarity with Palestine. Although it's easy enough to figure out where I've signed without listing them out in this manner, I'm hoping this will make it much easier for you to find and co-sign along with me!

Artists Against Apartheid

cosigners include: any and all artists

You can read and sign the letter (in English or Spanish), as well as download graphics* for social media, on the People's Forum website.

You can also submit artwork or actions, download toolkits and art, and sign up for updates on the Artists Against Apartheid website.

*I've written out image descriptions for the graphics, which you can access and copy via this Google Doc.

"'In Grief and Solidarity': A statement of solidarity with Palestine"

cosigners include: all sorts of activists and organizers

You can read the statement (written by Kelly Hayes, Juliana Pino, and Tanuja Devi Jagernauth) on Rampant Magazine's website. You'll find instructions for signing onto the statement at the end of the piece itself, before the names of those of us who've already signed.

Writers Against the War on Gaza

cosigners include: writers, editors, journalists, and other creatives