This listing is for 15 ($30/each) custom requested embroidery kits! 


Each kit includes a cut of fabric (large enough for more than one project and/or to start over), 4" bamboo embroidery hoop, needle, metal needle threader, four full skeins of Sublime Stitching embroidery floss, pencil for transferring your design, and a pair of embroidery scissors.


Not pictured in these photos, but also included in the kits: 1. a burlap bag to hold the scissors and pencil (this protects the scissors from scratches, and prevents the pencil from marking up the fabric in transit); and 2. a short, handmade "zine" explaining the supplies included in the kits, along with ways to access the tutorials I have on my website and Instagram. 


I've packed these up in their own 6x6x2" boxes, which are the same boxes I usually ship my kits in - they work great in the mail!


Can't wait to see what y'all make with these!


Highlander Embroidery Kits

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