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Hello, friend! Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions I get through my contact form, I hope this is helpful (especially if your question is urgent!). Please free free to reach out to me should you need any additional help or clarification whatsoever! 

I need to make changes to my subscription, but I can't login to your website. Help?

I would love to help! First, make sure that you're attempting to login through the Cratejoy site (not my home site, which is where you're at right now); that is almost always what's going on, and hopefully it solves your issue! If you're attempting to login through Cratejoy and still having issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly so I can help! You'll also find loads of other subscription-specific FAQs on the Hopebroidery Box page

Where'd you get the stand in your videos?

The wooden stand you see in many of my video tutorials is the Sonata Seat Stand, which I purchased from Hawthorn Handmade. You'll find more information about the stand, as well as a direct link to the product itself, in my blog post Optional Supplies for Hand Embroidery.

I have a question about shipping, can you help?

Absolutely! If your question is subscription-specific, you may find your answer here; if it's a non-subscription shipping question, you may find your answer here. If you need any additional clarification or help whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me directly - I'm happy to help!

I have a question about embroidery, but I'm afraid of being teased for not already knowing how to find the answer for myself. Should I ask you anyway? 

Yes! I’m here to help, and I promise I’m friendly! If I’ve already written about your question in some detail, I may send you to a particular blog post I’ve written; if not, I’ll still do my best to help you, and your question might even inspire a future post or tutorial! You can reach out to me via my contact page.

Do you do commissions? 

Nope, sorry! 

Would you be interested in doing an in-person event, workshop, market, etc.? 

I very rarely do in-person events, workshops, or markets. Please only contact me about in-person events if you’re able to provide me with detailed information about the accessibility of your event and the COVID protocols you have in place to keep our community safe.


Please note that “we are following local health guidelines” is not a policy, as there are no local health guidelines in place. It is up to you, the organizer, to ensure that your event is both accessible and safe. I will not risk my health, nor the health of others, for embroidery. It is irresponsible and immoral to promote an event that has the potential to harm others. If you are unwilling to do the necessary work to make your events accessible and safe, you have no business running an event in the first place. 


That said, if you are able to provide me with sufficient accessibility and safety information and I’m still unable to attend, I’d be happy to promote the event - so please reach out, even if you think I’m busy! I would love to promote accessible, safe events happening in Knoxville!

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