The Basics

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My monthly subscription service, the Hopebroidery Box, is a great starting point if you're interested in learning how to stitch but aren't super hyped about the idea of hunting down products and patterns from all over the internet. Each month, I personally curate and build your box of stitching supplies, including fabric, scissors, full skeins of embroidery floss, and more! I also include a pattern and full-length video tutorial where I take you through each step in the process of completing that month's project. Perfect for beginners, the Hopebroidery Box comes in two "sizes": The original Hopebroidery Box comes with at least $45 worth of supplies, including: scissors; fabric; embroidery hoop; 6-7 full skeins of floss; needle and threader; transfer method; and a pattern with accompanying full-length, password-protected video tutorial. Price = $45 (free shipping to the domestic United States, $15 flat-rate international shipping). The mini Hopebroidery Box is a digital-only subscription. Each month, I email you that month's pattern and tutorial so you can stitch along with me, even if you can't afford and/or don't want all of the supplies in the original box. Price = $12 (no shipping, it's sent straight to your inbox each month!). To subscribe, click here!


Subscribe by the 11th of the month to receive your box the following month (e.g., subscribe by June 11 to receive your box in July). Boxes are shipped (and/or emailed, depending upon your subscription choice) on or around the 4th of the month (e.g., if you subscribed in June, your product will be shipped out on or around July 4). Cancel your subscription by the 10th of the month, because accounts are automatically re-charged for the next month's box on the 11th, usually right at midnight EST (e.g., cancel by July 10th to avoid being recharged on July 11th for August's box).

Information for Current Subscribers

Please remember that you absolutely must make any changes to your account by the 10th of each month to avoid being automatically re-charged on the 11th. Unfortunately, I am unable to issue a refund to you if you fail to do this. If you are already a subscriber, but want to change your subscription (e.g., go from the original to the mini box, cancel, skip a month, change your address, etc.), click here. Please note that this link works best when opened on a computer/laptop (vs. a phone/tablet). If you have any issues navigating the Cratejoy website, where the Hopebroidery Box is hosted, please start by reaching out to their support team by clicking here. If that does not work, or if you have any suggestions for the box moving forward, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt your feelings if I unsubscribe to the box?

Not at all! My goal with this box is to help create new stitchers. If you subscribe for just one month and think you have everything you need to start stitching on your own, then my job is done.

Will I need to buy any additional supplies if I buy the original box?

Nope! I include everything you need to start and complete a project, along with enough supplies to get you through a few more projects of your own.

I can't find my digital pattern this month, where the heck is it?

Please make sure that you are checking the same email you used when you signed up for the box, including your spam and promotions folders, before reaching out. If you still can't find your pattern, please contact me so I can confirm that your subscription is active and I will email one to you directly.

Can I purchase this as a gift?

You sure can! When subscribing, click the "gift" option before submitting all of your information, and Cratejoy will take it from there.

Can I subscribe just once or twice a year, or every other month?

Yes, but to do so you will need to manually unsubscribe, and then resubscribe, each time. A lot of people do this and it seems to work well for them!

How do I share my progress with you?

The best way to share your progress with me is through Instagram, by tagging me (@hopebroidery) in your actual photos (i.e., not just in the caption). Instagram only shows me 75 notifications, and then they disappear - but if you tag me in the photo itself, that stays on my page under the "tagged photos of me" tab, so it's much easier to see!

Why is the timeline the way it is?

Once I have orders for the next month's box finalized, I use that money to purchase all the products for your box. I do sometimes order more than I need to fulfill all the orders, so keep an eye out on my shop if you're interested in purchasing a few components of past boxes.