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Hello, friend, and thank you for being here! The information below is only relevant to orders placed on this website. If you have questions about the subscription box, please check out the Hopebroidery Box FAQ page, the digital portion of your last box (if you’re a current subscriber), and/or feel free to reach out to me directly via email - I’m happy to help!

How do I ship your orders, and how much will it cost?

In most cases, I send out your packages using USPS Ground Advantage (I previously used USPS First Class Mail, which USPS recently merged with "Parcel Select Ground" into this new category of "Ground Advantage"). I currently charge a flat rate of $3.50 for all domestic orders and $15 for all international orders.

How quickly do I get your orders shipped?

I typically get orders ready for USPS pickup within one to four business days. If you haven’t received word that your order has shipped after five business days, please consider reaching out to me directly via email. Such a delay might mean that I have the wrong email address for you on file (and I’m happy to resend a tracking number!), or that something else has gone wrong - so definitely reach out!

What if you're purchasing a digital product?

When you purchase a PDF pattern, you’ll receive a link to download your digital product in the Thank You page after you checkout, along with an emailed link that will last 30 days.

What if you're buying a gift?

I am always so honored when you buy a gift for a loved one from my shop, and am happy to make it as easy as possible!

I am happy to include a handwritten note to your recipient - just leave a note to me with your order with what you’d like it to say (if you forget, you can always send me an email right away and I’ll be sure to include it!).

When reading through my listings, you might notice that some of my products (such as extra Hopebroidery Boxes) include digital instructions. If you’re buying a kit that includes digital instructions, please leave a note to me letting me know if you’d like me to email those instructions to your recipient (along with their email address). If you’d prefer for the gift to be a surprise, you can always leave it up to your recipient to follow up with me directly once they open up their kit - kits with digital instructions include small cards in the physical package itself with my email address, to make this easier!

Will my order arrive in time for a specific holiday? 


Each year, USPS provides Holiday Shipping Deadlines to help estimate how long packages will take to arrive during the holiday season. You can access the USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines dates on their website, which includes information on the cutoff dates for both domestic and international shipping. I typically get orders ready for USPS pickup within one to four business days, regardless of the season!

The USPS deadline for a December 25th delivery is Saturday, December 16, 2023. My local branch closes at noon on Saturdays, and I need at least 24 hours to get packages into USPS hands. This means the deadline for ordering something in my shop in time for it to get to USPS by that December 16 deadline is Friday, December 15. 

When will I get my book?

I'm so excited my book is available to purchase through a variety of retailers, and that you can request it from your local library! I loved writing this book and am so excited to see you get your copies! Unfortunately, I won't be much help to you in terms of any issues you might have with getting your book from your favorite retailer (or knowing when it will arrive at your local library); your best resource for any book-related shipping questions will be the retailer themselves. 

What if the first name on your shipping address doesn't match your actual first name?

I often write notes on your orders (e.g., on the outside of your package, on cards placed inside your order, etc.).

If the name on your shipping address doesn’t match your actual name, please feel free to leave a note to me with your order (if you forget, you can always send me an email right away and I’ll be sure to make a note of this!). I would love to use your actual first name when writing those little notes!

I’m also more than happy to use your “shipping address name” on the outside of your package, but your actual name on any notes inside the package.

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