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All proceeds for these hoops will be going directly to @knoxvillesblackmamasbailout (I’ll be covering the shipping costs). I don’t sell a lot of finished work, and I’m thankful to be in a position where I can “afford” to sell these in order to raise money for an organization that I care about here in Knoxville.


If you purchase a hoop I’ll be emailing you a screenshot to show that your money was accurately donated - please see an example of what that screenshot will look like among the product photos above, and note that funds to this bailout are now being donated via the Appalachian Community Fund. Please note: you'll be getting two emails, one with a tracking number, and one with an attached screenshot of the donation. If you are missing either of these emails, please reach out to me directly via email at!


If you miss out, you can still donate to this cause! Please make sure you follow and check in on @knoxvillesblackmamasbailout for updated information on where to send donations. For example, donations now need to go to a new Venmo account and with a new emoji - always check before donating.


A note on the pricing of these hoops: please don’t use me as an example for pricing! Some of these are priced the way I would normally price them, others are priced well below what I would usually charge, and others might be priced a bit higher than normal. The goal is to raise money and get these out the door. Also! I realize some of these prices are weird - for example, why $41.25 instead of $40? I did this so you'll know that the screenshot I've sent you is indeed for your donation, and not just a copied screenshot of some other donation I've made.


I chose these particular hoops based on recommendations given to me via Instagram stories - that said, others expressed interest in hoops not shown here… which means, if this goes well, I’ll be able to do it again with another round of hoops to raise money for another organization! I hope you can find something you like and help me make a donation larger than what I would otherwise be able to afford.

A variety of finished embroidery hoops!

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds. 

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