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These beechwood embroidery hoops feature a high quality wood, brass enclosure, and smooth rounded corners.


These beechwood hoops are approximately 4" in diameter. I've included photos in the listing with my hands, with a ruler, and with a 4" bamboo hoop so that you can more easily determine if this is the right size for your needs. 


Although I do my very best to ensure that only the best hoops get sent out, all embroidery hoops will be slightly different from one another (due to the nature of the manufacturing process itself). This means that although I do find these hoops to be better at holding tension than bamboo hoops, and although I do find that they're more likely to be more perfect circles than bamboo hoops, it is aways possible that you might find slight imperfections (such as small gaps in between the inner and outer hoop). 


Personally, I've loved stitching in these new-to-me embroidery hoops! After completing a few projects in them, I would highly recommend that you have a screwdriver on hand - that's definitely helped me to get the fabric really nice and tight in my hoop, which makes stitching so much easier and more fun! 


The price listed is for one individual embroidery hoop.

Beechwood Embroidery Hoops

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds.

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