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Hand embroidery is an excellent, cheap, and portable way to relax and tap into your artsy side. With my Mini Hand Embroidery Kit, you'll have everything you need to get started stitching in one hour or less. 

Each kit comes packaged in a handy jewelry box and includes a 3" wooden embroidery hoop, fabric, needle, and thread. 

Each kit also comes with an exclusive, password protected video in which I teach you how to prepare your hoop for stitching, stitch all sorts of things that you can incorporate into your own designs (such as fly stitch, french knots, and running stitch), and finish off your hoop so you can pop it on your wall and tell house guests, "Hey! Look at this! I MADE this!" 



WHAT ELSE DO I NEED? The only thing I don't include in the kit are scissors (you can use whatever scissors you have in your house) and cardboard (which I use to back my hoops, but this is an optional step; since the kit comes in a cardboard jewelry box, you can actually use that cardboard to finish your hoop if you want to reduce/reuse/recycle!). You won't need any transfer methods for this kit - I show you how to free-hand your stitches in the video!

WHERE IS THE VIDEO? When you open your kit, you'll find a sticker with a URL and password to your tutorial video. The video is about 30 minutes long, but feel free to pause or fast forward it, depending on your skill level. You'll have access to it forever, so feel free to bookmark it and come back to it whenever you want! *Please note that I do drink alcohol in the video and may curse a few times. If you're easily offended, do not buy this or watch the video.* 

WHICH STITCHES WILL I LEARN IN THIS KIT? I teach you running stitch, chain stitch (regular and reverse), fly stitch, fern stitch (which kind of necessitates learning back stitch), and french knots. 

WHAT KIND OF THREAD IS INCLUDED? For this kit, I use DMC crochet thread in Ecru. I know this is weird, but it looks great with the fabric, is easy to thread without a needle threader, and doesn't tangle easily. 

WHAT KIND OF FABRIC IS INCLUDED? This kit includes a blue linen-like fabric, which is one of my favorite fabrics to stitch with. 

WHO CAN I SHARE THIS WITH? Please do not share the video with anybody who has not purchased the kit - this is *your* video, not theirs! Additionally, please do not sell your final product - feel free to give it as a gift, though! 

HOW BIG IS THE BOX? The tin is big enough to hold all of your supplies, including the included 3" hoop WITH its screw. Don't worry, When you're done with your first project, the box makes an excellent stitchy go-case for extra thread and a very small pair of embroidery scissors - you can also cut up your box to use for backing your hoop if you're into saving the environment!

WHEN WILL THIS SHIP? I typically ship items within one to two weeks, but here's a secret: I usually ship on the weekends, so you'll probably get your "ding! your item has shipped!" email on a Saturday or Sunday. 

WHAT IF I LIVE IN XYZ COUNTRY AND NEED TO PAY TAXES UPON ARRIVAL? Please make sure you check into this before placing your order, because I would hate for you to have an unexpected cost upon the kit's arrival! This varies by country, so please contact your local post office before placing your order to ensure you will not incur any additional costs upon delivery. 

HELP! I DON'T THINK I CAN MAKE THIS! Yes, you can! Just remember what I tell all of my new stitchy friends: the worse it looks, the more authentic it looks. Do you want your work to look like some mass-produced garbage, or do you want it to look like it was made with love? That's what I thought. And, while you're at it, stop saying mean things about yourself - I don't like that. Say nicer things about yourself. You can do this.

"blue and white" DIY mini hand embroidery kit with accompanying video tutorial

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