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These blue pudgie embroidery scissors, designed by Kelmscott Designs, measure 3.75” and feature large, comfortable handles. 


Please see photos of the scissors with my hands in the shot, as well as the photo of them next to a ruler, for size reference. Additionally, please note that although I’ve done my very best to provide accurate photos, the color of your scissors may appear different depending on your own lighting. 


As I explain in my blog post all about optional supplies for hand embroidery, although you don’t need cute or fancy embroidery scissors to do this craft, embroidery scissors’ small size and sharper points typically allow you to more easily and precisely snip off the ends of your floss.


My first pair of embroidery scissors were a gift from a regular at the coffee shop I worked at years ago, when I first started stitching as a hobby. They made for such a thoughtful gift, and one I didn’t realize I wanted or needed until I had my own first pair!


Embroidery scissors are great for all sorts of crafts, too! Crafters use embroidery scissors like these for their work in crochet, knitting, quilting, cross stitch, other fabric crafts, and, of course, embroidery! 

Blue Pudgie Embroidery Scissors

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds.

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