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Personally, "do your okay-est" resonates with me much more than "do your best." 


Several years ago, I stitched the embroidery hoop upon which this sticker is based as a personal reminder to myself that sometimes my "okay-est" is more achievable than my "best," especially as it relates to living with ADHD. Maybe you need that reminder, too? If so - this 2"x2" vinyl sticker might do the trick! 


This sticker was made based on a photo of the original hoop, which has, "do your okay-est" stitched in a light color onto dark purple fabric, surrounded by florals in pinks, greens, blues, and yellows.


Please note that although I did my very best to take photos that most accurately represent this product's colors, the colors may look slightly different upon arrival depending on lighting.


Do Your Okay-est (sticker)

  • This product is not availabe for returns or refunds.

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