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Do you absolutely "need" a small pair of embroidery scissors to use in your embroidery and/or cross stitch work? Probably not. Do you WANT a small pair of embroidery scissors? You're here, so probably yes!


This embroidery scissor pack is Winter themed, and comes with three pairs of embroidery scissors: white putfords, which measure 2.5" high and feature large, rounded handles; silver lace, which measure 2.75" high and feature rectangular handles with a lace-like design; and blue storks, which measure 2.5" tall and look like a tiny, blue version of the ever-popular stork scissors. (Note: please see photos of the scissors with my hands in the shot for size reference.)


Embroidery scissors are great for all sorts of crafts - I've had customers purchase these for their work in crochet, knitting, quilting, cross stitch, other fabric crafts, and, of course, embroidery! In embroidery, I use scissors like these to snip off the tails of embroidery floss. Regular scissors will also do the job, but having a pair of embroidery scissors like these can make it just a bit easier (and more fun!).


Pricing note: By purchasing these scissors as part of the pack, you're paying just $12.50 per pair (versus the $14.50 I usually charge per individual pair). I also sell scissors individually, should you prefer to do that!


Embroidery Scissor Pack (Winter themed)

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds.

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