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(Please read the entire listing before purchasing!)


If you're excited to give embroidery a try but don't have the supplies you need to get started, I'm happy you're here - because I've got just what you need!


Each of these kits comes with fabric, 3" embroidery hoop, needle, two or three skeins of floss, scissors, pencil for transferring your design, and a pre-cut piece of cardboard for you to back your piece. Their prices vary based on the quality of products that come within each kit - some cost me more to make, others less, and their prices reflect that.


These kits are also unique - once one sells, that particular kit is gone forever. To choose the kit you'd like to purchase, please reference the images in this listing and choose the corresponding kit under "colors and materials." Please note that while I have done my best to take photos that indicate the true color of these materials, they may appear slightly different in person versus on-screen (as is the case with any physical product).


I made these kits using my own collection of embroidery scissors, floss, and fabric, choosing colors that would look nice together and with, "what kind of embroidery kit would I make for a loved one?" on my mind. 


Once you've received your kit, you'll have everything you need to start learning embroidery. If you're not sure where to start, why not start with an embroidery sampler designed to be fun for seasoned stitchers and beginners alike? I've got that ready for you, too, and you can watch it on YouTube by clicking here. Your kit will also come with a small card that includes links to this and other tutorials.


I would love to see what you make with your kit - please tag me on your social posts, @hopebroidery, or shoot me an email directly! 


Happy stitching!









Mini Embroidery Kits

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds. 

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