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This sticker features a photo of my "mountain landscape" hand embroidery design and pattern, a project that features white clouds, blue mountains, green rolling hills, and a pink meadow, stitched onto a dark green fabric.


This vinyl sticker measures 3"x3" and has a matte finish. I've used these stickers on plastic containers and water bottles, and although the manufacturer I use for these states that they are dishwasher safe, I do not own a dishwasher -- and so I am (unfortunately) unable to test that for you! It's held up well for me during regular hand washing, though, and has a lovely, velvety feel. I hope you enjoy it!


Please note that although I did my very best to take photos that most accurately represent this product's colors, the colors may look slightly different upon arrival depending on lighting.


Mountain landscape (Sticker)

  • This product is not availabe for returns or refunds.

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