The Hopebroidery Box is a monthly subscription box for all your stitching needs - each month, I send you at LEAST $45 worth of materials and resources, including a full-length video tutorial where I take you through that month's project stitch-by-stitch!


If you're not sure if you want to subscribe, or maybe you subscribed but you skipped April 2021 - I've got some great news for you! I've made a VERY limited number of extra April boxes that you can purchase as a one-off (i.e., without subscribing)!


For this box, we're stitching a potted monstera plant! With the accompanying step-by-step video tutorial, you'll get to learn all sorts of ways to fill in a space, including both opened- and closed-fill techniques, as well as two ways to outline a shape. As you can see in the product photos, you also get to choose between several different colors for your pot! I stitched a sample in the light pink color, and another sample in the light purple color - but this kit also comes with a darker pink, as well as a darker purple (just choose your favorite and stitch right along with me!).


The April 2021 box includes the following supplies: black embroidery scissors with rectangular handles (retail value $17), two embroidery needles ($2), my favorite metal needle threader ($2.49), a cut of white linen fabric ($5.50), four inch bamboo embroidery hoop ($2), six full skeins of Sublime Stitching embroidery floss ($7.72), a pencil to transfer your design, and of course the pattern and stitch-by-stitch video tutorial ($20). This brings the total value of this month's box to $56.71. All prices are in USD, and only include shipping if it's an item that can ONLY be bought online, such as Sublime Stitching floss.


If you'd like to take a closer look inside this kit, I have an unboxing video available to you, too!


Before checking out, you'll need to choose whether you want a box with or without the scissors, which will change the price accordingly (e.g., if you get a box without scissors, it's less expensive than the full box).


You will receive a tracking number for your physical box, and also an email from me with your digital pattern and a link to your full-length video tutorial, so keep an eye out for that!


Have questions? Please feel free to email me directly at, I'm happy to help!


Note: Purchasing this box will NOT sign you up for the monthly subscription. :) 

The Hopebroidery Box - April 2021! (Potted Monstera Embroidery Kit)

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds.

  • If you are having this box sent to an address outside of the United States, please note that you will be responsible for any and all fees upon arriaval (e.g., VAT fees). I send this box via USPS; if you would prefer to have it sent via registered mail, please include a note to the seller upon your purchase and I will contact you with information on how to pay for the additional shipping cost.