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This pattern is for an embroidery featuring a simple pair of scissors with a piece of embroidery floss winding throughout. I originally stitched this in a 4" hoop, but feel free to size this pattern up or down as necessary to your own particular needs or desires!


What do you get? 


This one-page pattern includes a pattern for transfer, reference image, stitch guide, and color guide. I include a color guide for stitchers who prefer DMC colors, as well as for stitchers who prefer Sublime Stitching colors. 


What stitches do you need to know? 


In this pattern, you'll be using whipped back stitch. I have a video tutorial for this stitch available on my Instagram, here is a helpful link as you begin your project:



What else will I need to know? 


You'll need to know how to transfer a design from your computer, tablet, or paper onto fabric. There are various ways of accomplishing this; if you need some help, check out the resources on the Learn section of my website.


Anything else? 


This pattern is for personal use only, which means that you cannot sell the finished piece. I know it is super easy to do that without me knowing, which is why I ask that you just... don't. Please? This is how I make my living, and it sucks when people steal your stuff, you know?


That said, I absolutely love to see what people make with my patterns and kits. Please tag me (@hopebroidery) if you post your piece to any social channels so I can tell you how awesome you are!


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Scissors and Floss Embroidery Pattern (Great for beginners!)

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