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This beginner-friendly kit includes the supplies and instructions you’ll need to complete the Sun Kitten hand embroidery project, which features a simple green cat sleeping in an orange-pink field of flowers underneath a bright, sunny sky. You’ll find a reference photo for this project on page 3, and you can read more about the project in a recent blog post


What supplies are included in the Sun Kitten Hand Embroidery Kit?


The Sun Kitten Hand Embroidery Kit includes the following supplies: 


  • Embroidery floss: You’ll receive four full skeins of Sublime Stitching embroidery floss. This project requires just three colors; the fourth color is included to allow you more options as you stitch up your project with me! You’ll also have plenty of floss left over for other projects. 

  • Cotton fabric: We’ll be stitching this project on Kona brand cotton fabric in the shade “Bone.” I include enough fabric for you to use two layers of fabric, but you should also feel free to use just one layer and save that extra fabric for another project. 

  • Bamboo embroidery hoop: You’ll receiver a four inch bamboo embroidery hoop for this project. I do enjoy using wooden hoops in many of my personal projects, and will sometimes include them in other kits. However, I prefer to include bamboo embroidery hoops in my kits as I’ve found they’re easier to use and tighten than more expensive beechwood embroidery hoops, while also being less likely to break or “snap” than cheaper wooden hoops on the market.  

  • Two embroidery needles: I provide you with two embroidery needles for your project, stuck through a soft piece of fabric to help prevent them from going missing on your floor, couch, or bed! 

  • My favorite needle threader: I nearly quit embroidery before I got started because I just could not get my needles threaded! This is why I love to include my favorite metal needle threader in your kits–just in case you need that process to be easier on your hands and eyes, too! 

  • Washable transfer marker: You’ll receive a green washable marker for transferring your design to fabric. This month, we’re using a green “Super Tip” marker from the Crayola brand to transfer our patterns to fabric. This washable marker is super simple to use on this fabric (and rinses away with plain water quite nicely, too!). 

  • Black and white pattern for transfer: Your kit includes the black and white pattern for transfer already pre printed for you within the box itself. No need to print anything out– unless you really want to, of course!

  • Heart-shaped embroidery scissors: This month’s kit includes a pair of blue, heart-shaped embroidery scissors from Kelmscott Designs. Embroidery scissors aren’t necessary for hand embroidery, but they sure do make the process just a bit easier–and more fun, I think! I chose this pair for our “Sun Kitten” project because I love cats, and because the scissor’s blue color makes me think of the implied sky in the project itself. 


* Before checking out, you'll need to choose whether you want a box with or without this month's scissors, which will change the price accordingly (e.g., if you get a box without scissors, it's less expensive than the full box). You can also find this particular pair of scissors on their own in the shop!


What instructions are provided for the project?


In addition to the supplies listed above, your “Sun Kitten” kit also includes access to the digital portion of the project, which includes a video tutorial and digital pattern.*


  • Video tutorial: I film a thorough and beginner-friendly tutorial for the box projects, where I take you through the entire process from start to finish. You can use this video tutorial in a few different ways. For example, some people elect to watch the entire video from start to finish, pausing and rewatching portions of the tutorial as needed. More seasoned stitchers prefer to watch it on an as-needed basis, jumping around with help from the included video tutorial timeline. Note: The box projects are meant to be for absolute and total beginners. If you do have more experience, and prefer to stitch this without the video, you’ll be able to do so using the digital pattern itself. 

  • Digital pattern: The bulk of the digital portion of this month’s box consists of the digital pattern itself, which includes a reference image, pattern for transfer, color guide and codes, and step-by-step instructions. Note: Already have plenty of your own supplies, but want to stitch this or another box project with me? No problem! You’ll find this and past box projects’ digital patterns in my shop. I include color codes for both Sublime Stitching and DMC brands of embroidery floss in these patterns, but you should also feel free to use whatever colors you think might work best for your chosen project! 


* When your kit ships, you'll receive a tracking number for your physical box as well as an email from me with the digital portion of your kit (which includes the link to this project's video tutorial). Please be sure to keep an eye out for that email, and contact me as soon as possible should you need it to go to an email address other than the one you'll provide at checkout. 


Anything else?


The Sun Kitten Embroidery Project was originally released to Hopebroidery Box subscribers in April 2024. Purchasing the kit from this listing will NOT sign you up for the monthly subscription; in fact, the Hopebroidery Box is processed through an entirely different site! For more information about my monthly hand embroidery subscription box (as seen in Teen Vogue, Buzzfeed, USA Today, and many other outlets!), visit the Hopebroidery Box information page


I can’t wait to see what you make!


Should you have any questions before purchasing this kit for yourself or a loved one, or should you or your gift recipient have any questions whatsoever while working on the kit itself, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly via email – I am more than happy to help!

Sun Kitten Hand Embroidery Kit (April 2024 Hopebroidery Box)

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds.

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