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There are four sweet projects to choose from: a sweet love note; a cupcake with a cherry on top; a single simple strawberry; and two heart lollipops. 


The Sweets DIY Embroidery Kit includes supplies for creating at least one of the sweet projects in full. That said, you might choose to receive additional supplies to help you recreate up to all four–this makes more sense when we talk about the supplies themselves! These supplies include: 


  • All four sweet patterns pre printed onto washable transfer paper. Regardless of how many of these projects you want to stitch, you’ll receive all four sweet patterns. Only making one project for now? Save those last three for future projects on a rainy day!

  • A large cut of Kona cotton fabric in the color “blush pink.” The cut of fabric you’ll receive is large enough for you to create up to two projects with two layers of fabric, or four projects with just one layer of fabric.

  • My favorite metal needle threader. I very nearly quit embroidery at the start  because I couldn’t get my needle threaded! That’s why I almost always include my favorite metal needle threader in kits, and have included it in this one as well!

  • An embroidery needle stuck through a piece of fabric for easy storage. I don’t want you losing your needle in your couch, bed, or car–keep it here in between stitching sessions and find it more easily when you need it!

  • Embroidery floss from Sublime Stitching and DMC, pre-wound and hand labeled for you onto plastic bobbins. You’ll receive enough floss to complete all four projects. Only making one? Use that extra floss for a fun personal project, or save it for a rainy day! The Sweets DIY Embroidery Kits include roughly three yards of DMC B5200 (white), Sublime Stitching 102 (red), and Sublime Stitching 202 (peach), and roughly two yards of Sublime Stitching 010 (green).

  • Three inch bamboo embroidery hoop. The base kit includes just one hoop, perfect if you’re planning to create just one sweet project and keep it framed in the hoop itself. Want to make more? You can choose to add hoops to your kit and receive two, three, or four total hoops! You could also totally reuse that one hoop for all four supplies and frame your projects outside of the hoops themselves, or grab a few extra hoops from a local craft store!

  • Finally, you can also choose to add in a pair of Golden Gem embroidery scissors from Kelmscott Designs. These scissors are perfect for travel and are great for snipping bits of embroidery floss in hard-to-reach places. Of course, you totally do not need embroidery scissors to do embroidery; you can always use whatever scissors you happen to already have!


The base kit includes just one hoop and no scissors. Before checking out, you’ll be asked to choose how many total hoops you’d like to receive in your kit, with $2 added per each additional hoop. You’ll also be asked to choose whether or not you’d like to add in a pair of scissors, which will also increase the price of the base kit. 

You’ll find more information about the supplies included in the new kits, as well as step-by-step instructions for the projects themselves, on my blog!

Sweets DIY Embroidery Kit

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds.

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