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This limited edition embroidery kit includes the following materials: 

  • cotton twill fabric in a hand-stained 3" wooden hoop;
  • color and stitch guides;
  • needle;
  • enough floss for this project (all floss is from DMC and you'll be stitching with six strands);
  • a pattern and pencil for transferring your design;
  • thread snips to snip the ends of your floss;
  • and a pre-cut piece of cardboard to back your finished hoop


This kit does not include instructions for the stitches themselves or for transferring your design. To complete the stitches, you'll need to know how to stitch stem stitch, satin stitch, french knots, and cross stitch (or know how to find tutorials for these either through me, or another tutorial creator through Google). To transfer your design, I recommend using "the window method," which means putting your design underneath the fabric and tracing with the pencil onto your hoop (using the light from a window to help you see through the fabric). 


Should you purchase this kit and have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly via email at I would also love you see your final product via email or by sharing it with me on social media, where you can find me @hopebroidery. 

Three Leaves Embroidery Kit

  • Unfortunately, this particular product is not available for returns or refunds. 

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