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(Please read the entire listing before purchasing.)


Make your own 2020 (and early- to mid-2021, let's be honest with ourselves) souvenir, reminder to grab your mask, and/or passive aggressive gift to that one family member who wears their mask under their nose!


What do you get? 


This one page pattern includes a pattern for transfer, reference image, stitch guide, and color guide.


What size hoop will you need?


When you print this pattern onto a standard 8.5x11" sheet of paper, the pattern for transfer will print out sized for a 3" embroidery hoop.


(Note: the circle drawn around the "pattern for transfer" is a bit bigger than the 3" hoop; that circle is meant as a guide for cutting around the design itself - it isn't *part* of the design per se.)


Want it to be bigger? You should be able to enlarge the image to fit any size hoop using the PDF reader on your computer or tablet - to do that you'll need to use Google (for example, when I typed in "preview mac enlarge image," I was able to find a handy step-by-step guide for doing this).


What floss colors and fabric will you need?


If you're hoping to recreate this with the colors I used in the sample hoop, you'll need to have DMC 754, 948, 3825, and 648 on hand; feel free to use whatever brand or color of floss you have access to.


I originally stitched this onto orange linen from a craft store, but you can use whatever fabric you like!


What stitches do you need to know?


In this pattern, you'll be stitching with French knots, cross stitches, woven wheels using 3 and 5 spokes, straight stitch, detached chain stitch, satin stitch, whipped backstitch, and stem stitch. I have video tutorials for most of these stitches available on Instagram; here are a few helpful links: 



What else will I need to know?


You'll need to know how to transfer a design from your computer, tablet, or paper onto fabric. There are various ways of accomplishing this; I've written a blog post about transferring your work, which you can read about here.


Anything else? 


This pattern is for personal use only, which means that you cannot send it to a friend or sell the finished piece. Of course, it's absolutely okay if you want to give the final product as a gift!


That said, I absolutely LOVE to see what people make with my patterns and kits! Please tag me (@hopebroidery) if you post your piece to any social channels so I can tell you how great you did!


You will receive a link to download your digital product in the Thank You page after you checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

Wear a Mask Embroidery Pattern

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