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I wrote a book for you!

I wrote Satisfying Stitches: Learn Simple Embroidery Techniques and Embrace the Joys of Stitching by Hand with the total beginner in mind.

In it, you'll find brand new embroidery projects with step by step instructions, detailed tutorials for stitches and techniques, and tips for both creative and emotional success!

Grab your copy of Satisfying Stitches wherever books are sold!

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Full-size printable patterns for transfer! 

As noted on page 122, I'm happy to provide you with full-size black and white patterns for transfer in this simple, printable, PDF document!  

I hope this option is useful to you whether you find it easier to transfer your patterns from printer paper than the book itself, want to avoid damaging a copy you borrowed from your local library, or for any other reason whatsoever! 

2023 01 25 - three plant cuttings in water hand embroidery pattern 03.png

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