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Creating the landscape hoop for the July 2021 Hopebroidery Box

Each month, I send subscribers to the Hopebroidery Box a pattern and full-length, step-by-step video tutorial for that month's project; subscribers to the big box also get all the supplies they'll need for their project, including full skeins of embroidery floss, fabric, embroidery scissors I curate specifically for that project, and more. You can take a look at past boxes that have been sent out by visiting the "kits" section of my shop (I keep up the "sold out" kits so that you can see what sorts of supplies and designs have come in past boxes, even if they're no longer available).

I thought it would be fun to write a bit about the process for creating the July 2021 Box Project, a landscape hoop featuring gently shaded water and a sky in pinks, yellows, and blues.

A photo of an embroidery hoop with a landscape stitched in blues, greens, yellows, and pinks onto light green fabric.
The finished sample hoop for the July 2021 Hopebroidery Box!

Last month, I told you about how some of my designs result from simple sketches; this month's project, however, ultimately resulted from a trip I took to San Diego years ago, right when I was starting to take hand embroidery more seriously. I wasn't sure what I wanted to make on that trip, exactly, only that I absolutely wanted to have supplies with me (just in case I felt any sort of inspiration).

It turns out I am incredibly prone to motion sickness; this makes stitching on planes a bit uncomfortable for me - but I was able to stitch a few basic lines of satin stitch in colors that reminded me of the sky. Once we landed and explored, I spent some time stitching what turned into the landscape hoop below, featuring a beach with rocks, water, and birds flying through the air.

A photo of a landscape in blues, pinks, and yellows, sitting on top of a map.
My first landscape hoop, from years ago!

Since then, I've stitched loads of landscape hoops, and some of those projects have turned into kits and patterns themselves!

A photo of four embroidery hoops featuring landscapes stitched with vibrant colors.
A handful of the landscape hoops I've stitched over the years.

I love that these projects can be made super simply, allow you to play with color combinations, and can be modified through gentle shading and the addition of elements such as birds, bushes, rocks, sand, and grass.

In designing the July 2021 box project, I started with green cotton and seven skeins of embroidery floss from Sublime Stitching that I thought would make a fantastic palette for a new landscape design.

A photo of an embroidery hoop with green fabric, and seven skeins of embroidery floss in various colors.
The color palette for July's box project!

Next, I imported the photo above into the Procreate app for the iPad to see if the colors I had chosen would actually work together. I'll sometimes do this when I already have a pretty good idea of what I want to make, but am not quite sure if I've picked the "right" colors for that project - it can certainly be a timesaver!

I've shared the timelapse of that process below to demonstrate what I mean; however, the final pattern will be a more accurate representation of the sample hoop itself than what you see here.

Once I was fairly sure these colors would work, I started stitching the sample. I kept detailed pattern notes as I stitched, noting things that would help me to write the most accurate pattern possible later on in the process.

A photo of an unfinished embroidery project surrounded by color pencils, embroidery floss, and a notebook.
First few stitches for the July 2021 sample hoop!

As I'm working on the sample hoop, I'm also doing other things for the box, such as ordering the scissors (which I purchase from another small business; you can find extra scissors from past boxes in my shop!), deciding which transfer method will work best for this particular project, cutting fabric, ordering Sublime Stitching floss (yet another small business!), and so much more!

The process for putting together your box projects each month involves so many steps, but the best part is creating something that you will want to recreate with me! What a neat feeling, knowing that this hoop won't just live in my home - but in yours, too!

Subscriptions for the July 2021 Hopebroidery Box are open through the end of June 2021, and boxes will be in the mail the first week of July! If you're here late, you can always check to see if I have extra boxes available on the "kits" section of my shop! Happy stitching!

A photo of an embroidery hoop with a landscape stitched in green, blues, pinks, and yellow onto green fabric.
The finished sample hoop for the July 2021 Hopebroidery Box!

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