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Crossed corners cushion stitch

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Crossed corners cushion stitch is a super easy, beginner-friendly alternative to satin stitch for filling in a space in hand embroidery. This stitch is unique in that it can be used as either an open or closed filling stitch, depending on how far apart you make your stitches. Whether you allow some of your fabric to show through your stitching (open fill), or fill your entire space with floss (closed fill), is totally up to your own personal preferences and design goals!

I've provided written and video instructions for this stitch in this post; if a video tutorial is easier for you to follow, there is one for you at the very end (feel free to jump ahead!).

Step 1: Draw guidelines for yourself using your favorite transfer method.

I created four squares for four sets of example stitches; within each square, I drew four smaller squares.

Step 2: Fill in your shape with diagonal stitches.

If you like, you can place your stitches super close together, creating a satin stitch effect (like what I've done in the light pink section on the top right of this hoop). That's what I'll be doing in the section I'm working on here. In the video tutorial below, however, I leave my stitches pretty spaced out from each other (like what I've done in the green section on the top left of this hoop).

There is no right or wrong choice; do whatever you think looks best!

Step 3: Place diagonal stitches going in the opposite direction, on top of those initial stitches, and only covering half of your shape.

You'll want to keep the spacing of these stitches consistent with your first round of stitches.