Essential Supplies for Embroidery

Updated: Mar 28

Although most of my posts and tutorials are meant for the total beginner, this post is meant to help those who haven't quite started yet. Pre-beginners, really!

Maybe you’re interested in hand embroidery, but workshops and kits aren’t right for you - financially or otherwise. Perhaps you’ve been “burned” in the past by getting all the expensive supplies you need for a new hobby only to realize it wasn’t for you - and now you’re out of money and space. Or, simply, you might prefer a bit of light hand-holding when you find yourself ready to start gathering supplies - I love a bit of light hand-holding, so you’re not alone there!

Whatever the case may be, I hope to be helpful!

In today's short post, I take you through just the essential supplies you need to get started in hand embroidery. You'll find these supplies online, in craft and thrift stores, and often around your house sitting in junk drawers.

Overhead shot of embroidery supplies sitting on a white surface.
Essential supplies for hand embroidery.

To get started in hand embroidery, you really only need a few essential supplies. They include:

  • some sort of stranded embroidery floss (I started by using “friendship bracelet” floss, which you’ll find in craft stores and online);

  • embroidery needles (go for a “multipack” so you can try out a few different sizes);

  • scissors (you can really use any scissors you like - you probably have a pair of scissors in your junk drawer!);

  • fabric (I recommend starting with something not too stretchy, such as the fabric from an old pillowcase or a cut of fabric from a pair of non-stretch jeans you no longer wear); and

  • some sort of hoop (these come in plastic, bamboo, and wood; in the US, you’ll find most big box craft stores carry the bamboo hoops these days).

  • You might also look for a pencil to draw a few guidelines onto your fabric to practice stitching.

Once you have these essential supplies (floss, needle, scissors, fabric, hoop, and a pencil), you’re honestly ready to get started - and you’ll find loads of absolutely free tutorials online and through craft books you can check out at your local library.

I started with just these essential supplies and free resources, thinking I might never finish anything. Overtime, I realized that embroidery was indeed my “home” craft, and the same might be true for you!

I hope this was useful, and I can't wait to see what you make! If you'd like to share your supply-gathering with me, you can always tag me on your social media accounts (@hopebroidery on Instagram and Twitter, @hope.broidery on TikTok). If you don't have public social accounts, but still want to share, consider emailing me a few pictures (, I would love the chance to tell you how excited I am for you to get started!

Happy stitching!