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Feeling artsy and looking for a way to plug in? Consider the "Creators for Gaza" effort!

If you’re feeling both creative and enthusiastic about plugging into efforts to help Palestinians, keep reading!

Sheyam Ghieth and Eva Lindquist have created a simple way for you to connect with families fundraising to escape from Gaza. In their call for artists, Sheyam and Eva write: 

Hi Creators, 

Some of our families have had to make the desperate decision to escape Gaza urgently. Thank you for taking on one of these beloved campaigns by creating a shareable post! 

Sign up, and you will be paired up with a campaign, and put in touch with the contact for that campaign. Create whatever type of post for whatever platform you like - illustration, or image carousel, or reel or tiktok - the aim is to bring attention to the campaign with something in a shareable way that highlights that our families are not numbers. That makes them feel seen. And people like to share beautiful, real art. And y'all are all beautiful, real artists. 

Please only sign up to take on a campaign if you have the capacity to support it urgently. Time is of the essence - life in  Rafah is more catastrophic by the day, so once your creation is done, post as soon as you're able. Families are looking forward to any boost in views and every share helps! 

Thank you for your solidarity. We are all so connected and we can all make a huge difference of life and death together. 


-Sheyam + Eva

If you’re questioning whether you are “good enough” to help out with an effort like this, please don’t hesitate to ask me for a pep talk directly (I’m pretty good at artistic pep talks, if I do say so myself!). 

If you’re unable to sign on just now, consider joining me in following along with their efforts via Sheyam’s Instagram page


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