Filling in a space with split back stitch

If you're looking for a unique way to fill in a space, consider split back stitch! I used split back stitch to fill in the body of this goldfish, and love how easily it both follows a curve and can create fun texture and depth to a piece.

There are so many ways to fill in a space; this is just one option!

I've written out the steps for filling in a space with split back stitch here, but if you're like me, videos are way easier to understand! That's why I've also included a video below of me using split back stitch to fill a space.


  • Begin by outlining your shape with split back stitch. Split back stitch is very similar to back stitch; however, instead of going through the hole created by your first back stitch, you'll go through the floss itself - thus, splitting it.

  • To fill, continue with split back stitch, keeping each new line of stitches as close as possible to the line you just stitched.

  • For more delicate details, use fewer strands of floss and/or a shorter stitch lengths.

Prefer a video? Here's a video of this stitch in action:

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