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French knots with varying strands of floss

Once you're comfortable with French knots, you may be wondering: how many strands should I be using?

Well, friend, good news! There are no rules in embroidery, only preferences! And with six-stranded cotton embroidery floss, you have options!

In the photo below, I've stitched out French knots using varying strands of floss, from six all the way down to just one. As you can see, the number of strands you use can drastically change the finished look of your French knot!

If you're working from a pattern, the designer will have likely indicated in the pattern itself how many strands you should use; if you're not working from a pattern, do whatever feels right!

In the example above, it's pretty difficult for me to see the yellow French knot where I used just one strand of floss. If that's the effect I'm going for, that's what I'll use; but if I'm looking for a bolder knot, I might use four to six strands instead. It really does just depend on your preference for that particular project!

The steps for completing a French knot are the same, regardless of how many strands you use.

Below is a video tutorial where I demonstrate using different strands of floss to stitch French knots! I hope this has been helpful to you


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