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Start Small-ish

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

When I first tried to learn embroidery, I had already been trying to learn cross stitch for years. Cross stitch is simple enough, but the counting and time it takes to complete a project really threw me off; it was also hard for me to think of my own ideas within the confines of a grid-like structure.

Needless to say, I now have a huge appreciation for all the cross stitchers whose work I follow, who not only develop their own patterns but have the patience to finish them, too!

Sometimes, a particular craft just isn't for you.

So, I decided to give embroidery a try. I knew myself well enough by then to know that I absolutely needed to finish a project early on if I was ever going to continue, so I decided to start small. Most of the hoops that hang on my wall now are 3 or 4 inches, and all of my kits and boxes include small hoops, too.

Does everybody need to start a rand new craft by starting small? Absolutely not. At the same time, I have learned that I'm not alone in my need to have a quick sense of completion to feel empowered enough to move onto the next project. As I teach myself punch needle, weaving, and other crafts, I've found this method of starting small still works for me.

If you're considering taking up embroidery as a hobby (you can do the thing!), and you've got my "the worse it looks, the more authentic it'll look" mantra in your head, your next step is to think about your creative limits and how you might overcome them - just like I (eventually) did, by starting small.


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