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Take a look at the new packaging for my monthly embroidery kits!

Each month, I send subscribers to the Hopebroidery Box everything you need to complete that month's project, including access to a full-length video tutorial where I take you through that month's project from start to finish. Once subscribers' boxes are in the mail, I release the kit to non-subscribers in my shop, where you'll find loads of different embroidery projects just waiting to be made!

Although I've made smaller changes to packaging in the past, this has got to be my largest set of changes to happen all at once -- so I'm here to give you a closer look!

Overhead shot of a brown box with a label wrapped around the center in blue, green, and white, with "the hopebroidery" box at the top, dates on the left, and information about the kit on the right.

In the photo above, you can see that the kits are now housed in brown tab lock boxes. These boxes are slimmer than the larger white boxes I've used in the past, which makes them much easier to store on a bookshelf while you wait for the perfect time to stitch.

I've also added a label to the outside with information on when your kit was released as well as a very brief description of the box itself. My hope is that the dates will help you organize your kits (no more digging to the bottom of a box to determine which project is which!), and that the description will help in the experience of giving or receiving the box as a gift. I really hope these changes are as helpful to you as I think they'll be for me!

Along with these external changes, I've also made a few changes to the inserts that you'll see when you open your box!

Photo of inserts against a bright green background. The "back" has a picture of embroidery floss scattered about, while the "front" has detailed text regarding the embroidery kit, how to reach out to Hope, and how to "show and tell" your work.

These new inserts are larger than in previous iterations, which allows me to provide more detailed information about what to do if you have questions, where to find the instructions for your project, and how you might share your work. I'm excited to have a larger "canvas" for the photo on the other side of the inserts, too! The specific card you see in the photo above will be used in existing boxes already available in my shop, but my hope is to include a different photo each month moving forward!

If you'd like a more detailed look inside, take a look at the short unboxing video below!

Subscribers will start receiving their kits in this new packaging in June! You can learn more about the Hopebroidery Box on its FAQ page, read about the design process behind each month's project on the blog, and find extra boxes (along with other kits!) in my shop. Subscriptions can be a bit confusing, so if you have any questions whatsoever about the box or subscription itself, feel free to reach out to me directly via email. I'm happy to help!

If you love this new packaging, but aren't sure my kits are right for you, be sure to review my post on how to choose an embroidery kit. Your options are limitless, and I'm happy to help you find what's right for you (even if it's not from me!).

Happy stitching!


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