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The “Simple Space” hand embroidery project: A new beginner friendly hand embroidery kit and pattern

In today’s post I’ll be sharing what subscribers are stitching with me in August: The “Simple Space” hand embroidery project, pictured below!

Embroidery project with a crescent moon, ringed planet, and simple circular planet stitched onto purple fabric.

[Image description: Hope holds up an embroidery project featuring simple celestial bodies and stars stitched in light gray floss onto a pale purple cotton fabric. She’s holding the hoop above a white background upon which are scattered embroidery projects and supplies, including: bamboo embroidery hoops; the backs of two hoops stitched with projects stitched onto the same fabric as the project she’s holding; skeins of embroidery floss in shades of purple and gray; simple pencil; metal needle threader; and two embroidery needles.]

This kit went out to subscribers in early August 2023! If you’ve found yourself here after the cutoff date for this particular box, you’ll find it available in my shop as a full embroidery kit, or as a digital pattern (perfect if you already have plenty of your own supplies)!

Feel free to take a look at other embroidery kits and patterns, too, also available in my shop!

The Simple Space Hand Embroidery Kit and Pattern

The August 2023 boxes were sent out to subscribers earlier this month, which means non-subscribers can now purchase the project as a kit or pattern outside of the subscription model. This also helps me to increase the number of choices available to you in my shop, every single month!

The Simple Space Hand Embroidery Project Instructions

Both the kit and pattern include access to the project’s step-by-step video tutorial, where I take you through the entire project from start to finish. This thorough step-by-step video serves as a type of “virtual course,” and includes easy to follow instruction on:

  • how to prepare your hoop, floss, needles, and fabric for stitching;

  • how to start and end your floss;

  • how to stitch each portion of the project itself; and

  • how to easily back (or finish) your final project.

This video is filmed with the total and complete beginner in mind, meaning I film this as though I’m teaching somebody who has never picked up an embroidery hoop in their life!

That said, you can choose to use this video in whatever way works best for you. For example, most beginners prefer to watch the entire video from start to finish, pausing and re-watching portions of the video as they go. People with more stitching experience prefer to watch the video on an as-needed basis, only watching the portions of the video that include information they haven’t previously learned. Finally, more advanced stitchers might forego the video altogether, relying instead on the pattern itself to guide them toward finishing their piece.

The Simple Space Hand Embroidery Kit

This month’s new beginner-friendly kit, available now in the shop, includes all the supplies and instructions you’ll need to complete the Simple Space Hand Embroidery Project, which features a crescent moon and two planets surrounded by stars and constellations, stitched onto a pale purple cotton fabric.

Embroidery project with a crescent moon, ringed planet, and simple circular planet stitched onto purple fabric.

[Image description: Overhead photo of an embroidery project featuring simple celestial bodies and stars stitched in light gray floss onto a pale purple cotton fabric. The hoop sits on top of a dark purple surface and is surrounded by various embroidery kit supplies, including: four skeins of embroidery floss in shades of gray and purple; scattered embroidery needles and threader; a folded up cut of the pale purple fabric; and a pair of silver-colored embroidery scissors with vintage-inspired floral handles.]

The Simple Space hand embroidery kit includes the following supplies:

  • a pair of silver-colored embroidery scissors with a detailed floral design from Kelmscott Designs, packaged in a simple burlap bag*;

  • two embroidery needles, which come to you on a small cut of fabric for easy storage as you stitch your project;

  • my favorite metal needle threader, making threading your needles that much easier (especially if you’re brand new to embroidery!);

  • a large enough cut of Kona cotton fabric in the color “foxglove” for you to either use a full two layers of your fabric when stitching the project, start over on your project should you make a mistake you’d prefer not to “fix,” or save for later projects of your own (whatever works best for you!);

  • four inch bamboo embroidery hoop;

  • four full skeins of Sublime stitching cotton embroidery floss, with plenty leftover for mistakes, re-stitching your project on different fabrics for friends and family, or for any other projects you might stitch at a later date; and

  • your pattern for transfer pre printed for you with two options included in your box (you’ll be able to choose between using the pre printed Sulky Fabri Solvy washable transfer paper available in your kit, or use the cardstock and included pencil for transferring your design using the window method if you prefer)!

* Before checking out, you'll need to choose whether you want a box with or without this month's scissors, which will change the price accordingly (e.g., if you get a box without scissors, it's less expensive than the full box).

As always, your kit also includes this project’s six-page digital pattern, delivered electronically as a PDF file – and described in more detail in the next section!

The Simple Space Hand Embroidery Pattern

Already have plenty of your own supplies, but still want access to this project’s six-page pattern and tutorial video? No problem, because the Simple Space Hand Embroidery project is also available as an instant digital download pattern in the shop!

This project’s digital pattern includes six total pages:

  • on pages 1 and 2, you’ll find general information about this month’s box, subscription information (which I include for subscribers and leave in, just in case you’re looking for more information!), and your link to this project’s full length video tutorial (where I take you through the entire project from start to finish and step by step!);

  • on pages 3 and 4, you’ll find the digital pattern itself (which includes a pattern for transfer, reference image, color codes for both Sublime Stitching and DMC embroidery floss, color guide, and numbered steps);

  • on page 5, you’ll find a more printer-friendly version of the pattern itself (including both the pattern for transfer as well as the steps written out in sequential order); and

  • on page 6, you’ll find a detailed timeline for the video tutorial itself (perfect for when you’d prefer to skip around or revisit portions of the tutorial!).

You’ll find the Simple Space Hand Embroidery pattern available in the shop!

More about the Hopebroidery Box

If you’re interested in receiving a new hand embroidery project every single month, and would prefer to get your kits or patterns at a reduced cost, you might be interested in my monthly subscription service – The Hopebroidery Box!

What's the Hopebroidery Box, anyway?

The Hopebroidery Box is a monthly hand embroidery subscription service. Each month, I send subscribers a new, beginner friendly hand embroidery project, including a digital pattern and full-length, step-by-step video tutorial!

Subscribers to the physical box also receive all the supplies you’ll need for your project, including: full skeins of Sublime Stitching embroidery floss; a large cut of fabric; a pair of Kelmscott Designs embroidery scissors curated specifically for that month’s project; embroidery needles and threader; four inch bamboo embroidery hoop; and materials for transferring your design to fabric.

Five embroidery projects stacked on top of each other, with varying colors, designs, and themes, including butterflies, potted plants, mushrooms, flowers, and a mountain landscape.

[Image description: Overhead photo of five hoops stacked on top of one another, surrounded by embroidery scissors, all on a white surface. The hoops include: a blue butterfly surrounded by vines and florals stitched onto a mustard linen fabric; a landscape with bright white clouds, blue mountains, green rolling hills, and a pink meadow, stitched onto a dark green cotton fabric; three pink mushrooms surrounded by vines and foliage on a white flannel fabric; florals in shades of yellow, blue, brown, and white, surrounded by small butterflies, stitched onto a dark blue linen fabric; and a snake plant in a woven basket stitched onto a deep orange linen fabric. The surrounding embroidery scissors include: a pair of green heart-shaped scissors; gold color embroidery scissors with floral details etched into the handles; yellow stork shaped scissors; pink scissors with hexagonally shaped handles; and a pair of black scissors with large, round handles.]

You can learn more about the Hopebroidery Box – including how to subscribe in time to get next month’s box at the subscriber rate – by hopping on over to the Hopebroidery Box page!

What happens after subscribers' boxes are sent out each month?

Once I’ve sent subscribers their boxes, I’m able to add that month’s new project to my shop for non-subscribers to enjoy. Because I design a new embroidery project everysinglemonth, this means you’re able to choose from loads of different designs and themes! Choose between the project’s physical kit or just its digital pattern (perfect if you already have plenty of your own supplies)!

I'd love an embroidery kit -- but not this one! What should I do?

If you’re finding embroidery through me, perhaps you’re thinking, “I want to learn – but not with your kits. What else is out there? How do I choose?” Or, perhaps you’re thinking, “I do want to learn with your kits! But how do I choose?” Either way, I’ve got you covered in a blog post all about how to choose an embroidery kit – whether you’re choosing one from me, or from somebody else!

Thank you for being here, and happy stitching!

Thank you so much for being here! I truly appreciate you, whether you're here to shop or simply here to learn!

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