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Fern stitch

Fern stitch is basically a fancy way to lay down straight stitches, a super easy way to stitch a fern-like wreath, and is super easily modifiable.

Photo of an embroidery hoop with vines stitched in green and pink onto dark orange fabric.
Fern stitch can be worked in a straight line or a curve!

In this post, I've provided written and photo instructions; if you prefer a video tutorial, you can find one at the bottom of this post (feel free to jump ahead!).

Step 1: Draw guidelines (optional)

I drew my guidelines using a white water-erasable transfer pen, but you can use whatever transfer method works best for you. You also totally do not need to draw guidelines before stitching; it's called freehand embroidery for a reason, after all!

Step 2: Using straight stitch, create your first stitch.

When working section-by-section, I like to start by stitching one of the middle stitches first.

Step 3: Using straight stitch, stitch the "fanned out" stitches that extend to either side of your first stitch.