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How to stitch a hand embroidered wreath

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Hand embroidered wreaths are a fun way to add interest to your designs, allow you to play around with color, and are super easy (and fun) to stitch up!

5 Steps to Hand Embroidered Wreaths

Step 1: Draw a circle onto your hoop.

There are loads of ways to get a perfect circle onto your hoop. When stitching in a 4" hoop, I'll usually grab a 3" hoop and trace that to get a perfect circle. For this 3" hoop, my "do your okay-est" sticker was the perfect size! You can find circles to trace in your house, too, I'm sure! Think glasses, jar lids, anything with a circle.

Step 2: Choose your colors.

I chose three separate colors to reflect the three components of my wreath, but you can choose any colors you want! You could even choose three shades of the same color (or even use the same color for all three components, creating a monochromatic look).

Step 3. Stitch your base.

You can use any stitch that follows a curve for this step. For the example in these photos, I used split back stitch; in the example I stitch in the video tutorial below, I used whipped back stitch. Other options for this step include, but are not limited to: back stitch, stem or outline stitch, chain stitch, and so much more!

Step 4: Stitch your leaves.

The options for your leaves are also totally limitless! In the example here, I'm using basic straight stitches; in the example I stitch in the video tutorial below, I'm using detached chain stitch. You could even choose to draw out more defined leaf shapes and use satin stitch, fishbone stitch, or fly stitch to create your leaves!

Step 5: Stitch your accents.

My favorite go-to stitch for wreath accents is the French knot, but again - choose whatever you like! You could use different types of knots, seed stitch, or even a smaller version of the stitch you used for your leaves as an accent.

And that’s it! By following these five simple steps, you could come up with endless wreathes to suite all of your embroidery project needs!

As I mentioned above, I also have a short (under five minutes!) video tutorial for you - I know video tutorials are helpful to me, so I hope this is helpful to you!

If you'd like to stitch up these Spring and Summer wreaths and think a PDF pattern might be more helpful to you, they are both available in my shop as digital patterns!


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