Woven wheel rosebuds!

Woven wheel rosebuds are a fun, easy flower for beginner stitchers to add to your pieces!

To stitch this small woven wheel rose, you'll want to start with just 3 spokes (vs. the 5 spokes we use in the more traditional woven wheel). Make sure those spokes are stitched VERY tightly to your fabric - the tighter the spokes are, the easier it'll be for you to stitch the "petals" on later!

Once you have your three spokes stitched, it's time to choose a color for your rosebud and start weaving your fabric over and under the spokes.

I find this is easier to learn with a video than pictures, so I've got a video for you! You can watch it below, or head on over to Instagram and watch it there!

I love sharing bite-sized-tutorials with you! If you're more interested in a full-length video tutorial, you might be interested in a kit! Kit not in your budget right now? Check out a free stitch-by-stitch video I made for beginners on YouTube!