Woven wheel roses

Woven wheel roses are a wonderful and easy way to add hand embroidered flowers to your pieces! I incorporate this stitch into a lot of my patterns and kit designs, and you'll find they're a lot of fun to stitch!

In the video tutorial at the bottom of this post, I'll show you how I stitch a woven wheel rose using five spokes; you can also make smaller rosebuds by using just three spokes!


  • Start by stitching an ODD number of spokes using straight stitch. I'm using five spokes in the example below, but you can use 3 or even 7! The important thing to keep in mind is that your spokes are odd, not even - if you stitch an even number, the weaving portion of this stitch won't work!

  • Try to keep your spokes as tight as possible. You can absolutely still do this stitch with loose spokes, but it'll be a much more frustrating process.

  • Once you've stitched your spokes, bring up your needle with the "petal" color in between two of your spokes - you'll want to bring it up close to the middle, but not directly through the middle. This will eventually be covered up by the rest of your stitches.

  • Begin weaving your petal color over, under, over, etc. your spokes. For my first few "rounds," I like to pull a bit more tightly than once I get to the edge of the flower - this helps me create a nice sturdy base in the middle.

  • This stitch looks a little weird until you've really started to fill it in - so don't get discouraged! Keep weaving your floss over and under, over and under, until your flower starts to take shape!

  • When tying off your petal color, try not to pull too tightly - if you pull too tightly at the end, you risk unraveling all of your hard work!

Sound confusing? If you're more of a visual learner (like me!), take a look at this tutorial video!